1. SEP 06, 2021
    County Durham and Darlington chooses the Nautilus Clinical Data Archive
  2. AUG 30, 2021
    Royal Free extend the use of the Nautilus Clinical Data Archive
  3. AUG 23, 2021
    Bradford due to go live with the Maternity using the Nautilus Clinical Archive
Seamless Access to Patient Clinical Data

Are you a large health organisation that relies on a myriad of different digital systems?

Are some of your digital systems deemed legacy and are about to be retired or replaced?

Your legacy systems could be creating a silo of data, be costly to maintain or present an ongoing Cyber Risk

Do you want the option of retaining the data, integrating it with your core system i.e. the EPR, lowering the cyber risk and unlocking the data by making it available and interoperable?

The Nautilus Data Discovery process can help quantify this risk. By deploying our Clinical Archive Viewer platform, we can follow our Extract, Deploy and Integrate framework to house your legacy data so that it is interoperable, cyber secure and readily available.

Our Approach


Unlock your data in real time


Every data item you need


Turn data into information


Turn data into information



The ever-evolving digital landscape of new and innovative solutions can create a vacuum of systems and data which cannot be readily migrated to new EPR solutions and are left in silos of inaccessible information. The result can present a series of risks, such as cyber security, lack of skills in system software and applications, increased costs, and overheads in maintaining many disparate instances of legacy data.

The Clinical Viewer is a single, cost effective platform which enables all patient and clinical historic data to be stored in one place which is readily accessible as part of the EPR and in a format that clinicians are familiar with.


A contextual link is available so that the patient record can called directly from the EPR and provide a combined view of clinically rich data originating from disparate clinical systems. The Clinical Viewer User Interface is simple and easy to use enabling clinicians to view data by particular datatype, area of interest or investigation.


Data is managed according to agreed formats and presentation and not shoehorned into a pre-existing database structure. The Clinical Viewer offers a powerful search capability to enable drill down of patient information originating from different source systems. Clinical Viewer data sets cover a vast range of legacy systems including: Radiology, Pathology, Maternity, Clinical Correspondence, Clinic Attendance and Outcomes, Diagnostic Coding.




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